LiveView Native

Do more with less, with LiveView Native

LiveView Native empowers developers to build native and web applications seamlessly with Phoenix. Now there’s no need to manage multiple teams or juggle multiple frameworks: The same developers can manage both, cutting down delivery timelines and freeing up resources to focus on innovation.

One Programming LanguageMany Superpowers

With LiveView Native, a single team can now execute front end development for web and native applications and build on the benefits of Phoenix’s server-side rendering. Realize the many benefits Elixir brings to the web, now in native environments.

  • Build complex, client-side applications that are faster and lighter than those built with heavy JavaScript frameworks
  • Deliver better user experiences across all platforms (no more "uncanny valley" effect)
  • Optimize productivity and resources with a single team, managing a single code base across the web and native

Ready to follow along?

Join the #liveview-native channel on the Elixir Lang Slack.

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